Classroom Guidelines


 ENGLISH  7 &8

Welcome to English with Mrs. Brull

The goal of this class is to help you improve your skills as independent readers, writers, and thinkers.  My role as your teacher is to give you the information and guidance you need to make choices about your reading and writing.  While I will give you freedom to make choices in this class, I will not allow you to choose to do nothing.

Making the Grade

Your grade will consist of the following:

–25%  outside reading/book projects/reports
–25% writing projects
–25% tests and quizzes
–25 % homework, in class work, participation points

Outside Reading, Book Projects and Reports

Your outside reading grade will be based on two things: a book project and the number of book pages you read each quarter.

–A different type of book project will be assigned each quarter. A different genre of book must be used for your book project each quarter. The genres are: historical fiction, fantasy/science fiction, realistic fiction, mystery, biography, and non-fiction. The books you choose for your projects must be approved by me before you do your project and no later than one week before the project’s due date.

–For more pages, you may read additional books. For any additional books you read, you must turn in a well-written half-page paragraph to discuss a main character, conflict/resolution, or a theme and give examples from the book to support your writing. This paragraph is not just a summary of the book. You do not need to write a paragraph for your project book.

–To receive a 100% for the number of pages you read, you must have a total (see below) combined between your project book and the paragraph(s) you write. –If you read fewer pages, your grade will be determined by the percentage of the total pages you read.
7th grade–300 pages (5-6 pgs/day)
7th grade advanced–400 pages (7-8 pgs/day)
8th grade–350 pages (7 pgs/day)
8th grade advanced–450 pages (8-9 pgs/day)

Your Reading Log will be turned in with your project and paragraphs. You will use the same Reading Log all year.

Participation Points

Participation points will be awarded for:
–Arriving on time with all materials needed.
–Turning in assignments on or before the due date.
–Positive and mature behavior during class.
–Contributing to large and small group discussions and projects.

Tardies and Attendance

Students are expected to be in their seats when class begins. If you are absent, you are responsible to find out what needs to be made up. If you know you will be absent, check with me before the date you will be gone. If you are gone for a school activity, your assignments are due before you leave; check the board to see what you will be missing and for new assignments.

Late Work

If you choose not to turn in an assignment on time, the best grade you can get is a 77%. Your grade will be 0 until the assignment is turned in. Papers without names will be considered late. It is important you get every assignment in on time.


If you receive a grade below 77% on any assignment, writing project, or book project, you will have one opportunity to correct your work and hand it in again unless I tell you otherwise. If your work has been corrected in a satisfactory manner, your grade will be raised to 77%. You may not retake tests and quizzes to raise your grade.

English Notebook

You will have a 3-ring notebook for English class with the following dividers: spelling, grammar, literature/outside reading, writing, and reference. All notes, assignments, etc. will be kept in a neat, orderly way in your notebook. Be sure you also have paper.

Writing Assignments

–Final copies of writing assignments must be typed. Typed work should be 12 point in New Times Roman. It must be double spaced.
–Unless otherwise directed by me, when writing assignments are handed in, they must include your prewriting activity, rough draft with evidence of revisions and editing, and your final copy stapled together. The final copy is always on top.

A Few Reminders

Each day you will need to bring a pen and/or pencil, notebook, paper, literature and outside reading books, and assignments that are due.
All classroom rules apply when a substitute or student teacher conducts class.
You may not leave the room, sharpen a pencil, or in any other way disrupt the class when I am presenting a lesson or during a group activity.
Time is precious and should not be wasted.

I encourage parents to contact me at any time regarding grades, behavior, attendance, etc. Please encourage your student to talk to me regarding any questions they have about assignments, or grades. They need to learn to be their own advocate.
My contact information can be found below. I usually check e-mail when I get to school in the morning, when time allows during the day and at the end of the day.

School phone number-785-625-2577