Outside Reading Requirements

Your outside reading grade, which is a quarter of your English grade, is based on:
1. your book project each quarter
2. the number of pages you read each quarter

Book Projects
1. are due a week before the end of the quarter. If you turn it in early, you will have one opportunity to correct it to improve your grade if you wish

2. must be approved by me before you do your project (no later than one week before the project is due)

3. must be a different genre each quarter (see below)

4. Genres for book projects are: historical fiction, fantasy, mystery, realistic fiction, , biography and nonfiction (See me if you have any questions)

1. The pages of your book for your project count (if your project book has enough pages, you do not have to read additional books)

2. The requirement to get 100% for pages read are:
a. 7th grade—300 pages (5-6 pgs/day)
b. 7th grade advanced—400 pages (7-8 pgs/day)
c. 8th grade—350 pages—(6-7 pgs/day)
d. 8th grade advanced—450 pages—(8-9 pgs/day)

3. If you read less pages than listed above, your grade will be determined by the percentage of the total pages you read.

4. For any pages in addition to the book project, you must turn in a well-written half-page paragraph to discuss a main character, conflict/resolution, or a theme and give examples from the book to support your writing. THIS IS NOT A SUMMARY OF THE BOOK!!! These are due at the same time as the book projects.