Student Council

Dates for StuCo activities

Sept. 7–Student Council representative elections in Academies; first Student Council meeting

September 23-TMP-M Homecoming–trailer in the parade for all non-band members

Oct. 8-StuCo concession at TMP-M Invitational Chess Tournament

Oct. 21–Fall Fun Night

February 24-Spring Fun Night




Projects planned for this year:

1. Food Drive for St. Joseph’s Food Pantry

2. Toys for Tots

3. Coins for Cancer

New Student Council sponsored program—Monarch Incentive                        Every student who turns in all their work on time and has no D’s or F’s on their report card for the first nine weeks will receive a Monarch Pass (homework pass) that can be used during the second quarter at a teacher’s discretion.  Students who complete the challenge for both first semester quarters will have a special treat.